In business, one of the best ways to differentiate from competitors is by illustrating the unique value proposition your business offers.

This proposition helps answer the eternal customer question ‘why would I pick you?’ and ensures your business is not competing on price, but on something more comprehensive.

So how exactly do you communicate that value?

Know your UVP

Before you can communicate your value to clients, you (and every person who works in your business) need to comprehensively understand exactly what that unique value proposition (UVP) is.

And it may fall into different categories – it could be service, trust, quality, price, history, a combination of a few of those things or something else entirely.

But basically, it answers the following questions:

Now you know your unique value proposition, how do you share it? Do you shout it from the rooftops or is it something more subtle?

In your mission and vision

Communicating the value of what you do occurs at multiple points when you market your business and also in the day-to-day of general business life.

But it all starts with your mission and vision.

These are the statements where you can really carve out a niche that identifies what you stand for. This vision and mission then become the foundations that you build your business upon along with the marketing messages that accompany it.

However, the key thing about vision and mission is that it’s almost scaffolding that occurs behind the scenes. 

Shared with your team and perhaps the wider public, it shapes what you want to identify as in business, how you want your team to showcase this, and then how you communicate with your clientele.

In your brand voice

Your brand voice is the tone and language you use to communicate with current and potential customers. It helps illustrate who you are, where you fit into the market and what you stand for.

In a nutshell it’s the way a business would speak if it were a person. And if you think about how people communicate, it quickly becomes apparent where their values lie due to the words they use, the people they relate to and aspire to be, and the way they communicate.

In your customer service

This is where customers see the proof in the pudding. You can spend as much time as you like crafting carefully thought-out visions, missions and brand voices, but if the service doesn’t match the image you have created, there’s an immediate disconnect.

Your service needs to speak for itself, representing your unique value proposition and espousing it.

Remember that old saying people won’t remember you for what you said but rather how you made them feel? This is where the service you provide comes into its own.

In your culture

If you’re presenting an image to the wider public, you better live that philosophy behind the four walls of your business operation.

Your staff are your greatest advocates, and if there’s a discrepancy between what you present to others and how you go about business, it will quickly become apparent.

Above all else, ensure your business culture aligns with your values, vision, and mission.

In your campaigns

This one’s obvious – once you have identified your unique value proposition, share it with your customers everywhere you can. You should be mindful of this UVP during every piece of marketing or content you create.

That’s not to say you repeat it time and again, but instead, run all your messaging and marketing through a filter that questions, does this align with the UVP of my brand?

Need some help defining your unique value proposition or working out where your business point of difference lies? I’m available to assist and you can reach out to me to book a discovery call here.

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