It is the start of February which means that for most of us, it is time for us to get back into the swing of things. For business owners like me, it’s time to get back into our Marketing activities for the year and focus on reaching our goals.

Some of you might already be marketing right out of the gate and that’s really good for you. Others though might need a little help getting their Marketing Mojo back.

So, since it’s my first official week back in the office, and I’m also just starting to get my Marketing Mojo, this might be a perfect topic for discussion in this Tips Tuesday episode.

How do we get that marketing mojo back after a break?

First of all, don’t feel bad for taking a break in the first place. We might feel guilty for leaving our business behind for a while, but taking that much-needed breather away is actually good for our business. There is no point in working ourselves into exhaustion and burnout. That’s not good for our clients, hence also not good for our business.

Let’s look at the following components to help you build a roadmap on where you want to take your business this year.

Start by analysing what happened this time last year. Make an inventory of workshops, sessions, training you did last year. I love doing live training and that helps me get back into the groove of things, so I try to do that at the start of every year.

Use a tool like Answer the Public to help you figure out what you want to be known for. By putting in some keywords, it suggests content based on that keyword and gives you ideas on how to work from those suggestions.

Look at your Analytics. Some of us don’t like to look at technical charts and graphs, but it’s important to see what people were searching or looking for on your website. Based on the data, you might want to update and refresh the content.

Study your industry. Find out what your competitors are doing that you haven’t thought about. Most often that gives you a quick idea of what your market is looking for that you’re not delivering. Don’t compare yourself to them but pick on the inspiration that might be helpful.

Read your testimonials to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and that essentially gives you enough reason to buckle down and do the work needed. Remember what you are amazing at and why people work with you.

Engage with your team. Brainstorm ideas on what needs to be done this year. They might have a few ideas that they have been wanting to raise that could help improve your workflow, new products that you can offer, or maybe just tips for customer service.

Ask your clients what they want from you. This is probably one of the best ways to get back into things is to get information from the source. Ask your clients what they want to see from you or products that they hope you would be able to launch that could help them. By simply asking them for feedback gives you a better view of how to steer your business in the right direction.

Ask your network for information. The beauty of having a membership like the Marketing Circle is that it connects you to a network of like-minded individuals that can give you suggestions and inspiration for your own business. Like the Marketing Circle, we provide valuable tips and information like how-to sessions, industry insights, Q&A with answers straight from a Marketing Coach.

Do a planning session by using a tool like the Marketing Planner that is designed to help you plan out and break down your marketing activities for the year.

Upgrade your skills to increase your value. Maybe you need to be better at doing your social media, creating and launching an ebook, or even starting a podcast, having the right skill set is important to achieving your goals. You can subscribe to our Training Pass and get access to our exclusive online workshops on the most important skills that you need for your business.

Outsource the work to experts. Not all of us are good at marketing. Some of us need a Marketing Coach to help nudge us in the right direction. Talk to experts that are well-versed in Education Marketing because that provides real solutions for your audience.

Last but not the least, use marketing prompts like the Inspire Engage Connect and 5-Minute Marketing Ideas deck that will give you a simple and quick boost of ideas for when you are just feeling blank.

There you have it. These are my simple steps to getting your Marketing Mojo back. Being back out there means being present for your clients and customers and providing real value and solutions for them.

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