Creating a video series gives your potential customer a series of bite-size information that they can research and get to know you through, developing trust and familiarity before they buy or rebuy from you.

There are two forms of videos:

  • Short-form video is any video under 10 minutes. Even shorter videos are commonly referred to as snackable videos or snackable content, and these include Instagram Stories and Tiktok – probably the majority of the video content seen on social media.
  • Long-form video is any video over 10 minutes. This can include live Q&A sessions, webinars, speaker conference recordings, etc. Though branded long-form video rarely gets the same level of mass appeal as short-form, long-form does a great job engaging fans and growing brand awareness.

So where do you come up with ideas for your series:

  1. Questions asked by clients – If your clients are asking them, potential ones will be too.
  2. Business FAQ page – This might be your how-to demo or step-by-step instructions.
  3. Forums and Facebook Groups – in your keywords and see what people are asking
  4. How to’s and handy tips – What you do or your customer need to do with your product or service
  5. Interviews with industry leaders or clients – Excellent to show knowledge and expertise and reach a wider audience
  6. Content from your blog – A goldmine of content already waiting to be turned into a series
  7. Presentations – If you’ve presented at a workshop or event, look into using that content and turning it into a video


[0:00] Introduction
[0:30] Creating a video series that people can find when searching for what you do
[0:35] How video series work
[0:45] Where can you release your video series
[1:20] Two ways to create video series
[1:25] Long-form videos
[1:40] Short-form videos
[1:50] How video series helps you market your business
[2:10] Ideas for your video series
[2:25] Questions asked by clients
[2:45] Business FAQs page
[2:55] Forums and Facebook Groups
[3:25] How-tos and handy tips
[4:00] Interviews with industry leaders and clients
[4:45] Content from your blog
[4:57] Presentations
[5:15] Join the Marketing Circle
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