Sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough hours or even minutes of the day to do all the things we need to do, let alone accomplish. For business owners especially, we’re running after one task after another and we sometimes feel like we hardly got anything done.

And with operations and sales getting much of the priority, marketing often gets tossed at the back of the to-do list. This is why I have introduced the 5 Minute Marketing Technique.

The 5 Minute Marketing is about making the most of those tiny intervals that pop up in your day and using them to build foundations for marketing. It’s about brainstorming little ideas that you can, later on, turn into big ones. It’s about doing small steps every day that will help achieve the bigger picture.

Some tips to help you with 5 Minute Marketing:

Be realistic

Not all 5-minute marketing ideas will be brilliant but writing them down allows you to find some value in those ideas later on, and then make room for other ideas to pop up.

Start looking for 5-minute windows throughout your day

Maybe that could be waiting for your appointment, making a cup of tea, or the little time you are waiting for a client call or picking the kids up from school. Use these blocks and stick them for just five minutes.

Time blocking

Note the times in your day and week when you can get those 5 minutes. Look for those moments throughout your day and note them down. You’d be surprised that you start to notice when you have those 5 minutes and use it as an opportunity to work on marketing for your business.

That said, here are Five Minute Marketing ideas for your business:

  • Use the 5 Minute Marketing Deck to get prompts and ideas to help you make marketing part of your day.
  • Brainstorm ideas and topics on what you want to do or work on.
  • Do some keyword research and hashtags using VidIQ to get content ideas.
  • Program or schedule social posts using Meet Edgar or Missinglettr.

Want to learn more about the 5 Minute Marketing Technique and get more ideas on how to use the technique as part of your daily routine, you can check out the 5 Minute Marketing Course or join the Marketing Circle.

It is amazing what we can come up with and create in 5 minutes when we try!


  • [0:20] How to use the 5 Minute Marketing Technique within your day
  • [0:55] Start with the mindset and be realistic
  • [1:30] Look for 5 minute windows within your day
  • [2:00] Keep your expectations real
  • [2:15] Time blocking
  • [3:10] 5 Minute Marketing Deck
  • [3:20] Brainstorm a list of ideas and topics


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