Whether it’s business or personal, life is made up of habits and in times of turmoil like the past year, those habits become even more critical.

In this episode of Business Conversations, I sit down with time management expert Les Watson to discuss creating the habits you need for success.

Les explains real change happens over time, as we repeat good habits – whether that’s in our health, relationships, or with money, but first we need to tackle the things that sabotage our success.

Les and I discuss:

  • Why clarity has power when it comes to achieving success
  • How thinking must be supported by action
  • The importance of seeking and accepting support when required

Having worked extensively throughout Australia and South-East Asia delivering dynamic training programs to major corporations, small businesses and individuals, Les Watson distils years of expertise into simple actions.

His depth of knowledge and skill comes from over 30 years of experience as a trainer, speaker and facilitator in self-management, motivation and communication. He lives and breathes time management in his own life. You can connect with Les here https://www.getmoretime.com.au/