Taking a business to the next level is not without its challenges. Chances are it involves the owner stepping back from the front line while extra staff right be required to carry the load of day-to-day operations.

Meanwhile, adding extra services, products or locations to your business offers the potential for both an increase in revenue and earnings, but also for costly mistakes.

That’s why it’s important to ensure you have the foundations for growth right from the outset. So, let’s talk about how this happens through scalable and repeatable success.

What is scalable and repeatable success?

This term probably isn’t new to you, but it underpins the growth process, allowing you to scale up from your existing unique market position using systems and procedures that ensure that success is repeated.

In the process it defines your true business proposition, allows for an increase in staff, production or services and output, while also ensuring your business offering continues to meet your growing customer needs.

And it starts by clearly understanding the value of what you currently offer.

Find your point of difference

Before you even begin to consider the systems and procedures that will allow you to scale your business, you need to be crystal clear on the unique proposition your business offers and its value to the customer.

That involves knowing your customer intimately, and also clearly defining your point of difference in the marketplace and how that serves your clientele.

Knowing your customer allows you to define new markets and opportunities in places where they are likely to be.

Defining your point of difference helps you set out how you will reach them through marketing, branding, and word of mouth.

Being clear on both who your customer is and how you uniquely serve them then allows you to clearly define the ethos, vision and mission for your brand, and all of the above is then factored into the systems and procedures you deploy.

Employ systems and procedures

Systems and procedures are critical to both the general operation of a business and any plans for its expansion.

They provide clarity on how tasks within a business will be completed, by whom and to what standard.

In short, systems and procedures take the guesswork out of business operations, while also allowing the business owner to step back from day-to-day involvement in all areas of the operation.

They facilitate repeatable success because they set the parameters of expectation for staff and the workflow required to achieve the right result.

Draw on automation to carry the load

Once you have your systems and procedures in place, it’s important to consider if there is a place for automation within your business.

We’re not necessarily talking high-tech robots here, but rather technology that supports the day-to-day business operation.

This automation could be as simple as automatic invoice reminders, or a CRM that allows you to reach out to your customers at specific time, but its role is to help ensure a consistent standard of service or product is delivered each and every time.

Automation could also involve workflow checklists or perhaps more advanced tools that make the manufacturing or delivery of products more streamlined.

Ensure customer satisfaction

There’s no point scaling up or expanding if the customer is less likely to be satisfied as a result.

That means throughout any business expansion and even before, you should be checking in with your customer to gauge their satisfaction.

This allows you to identify areas where a service or product may be lacking, and then make the required improvements.

Because, to put it bluntly, only when you know you are meeting your customer’s expectations have you ultimately achieved scalable and repeatable success.

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