Often we find ourselves disconnected from our heart, just doing the tasks or completing the jobs we believe are necessary to live a successful life.

“You can make decisions to be successful or rich,” life purpose and mindset coach Ichko Batmunkh says. “But often what we truly want is in our heart and we ignore it.”

In this Business Conversation, Ichko shares her insight into how you can look within to find your purpose.

Ichko and Clive discuss:

  • How to truly start listening to yourself to find the passion within
  • The questions to ask yourself
  • How to find your voice and live the life of your dreams

Based in California, Ichko Batmunkh is a Life Purpose and Mindset coach, on a mission to help others find their voice, discover their self-worth and unleash their full potential and gifts, to take actions aligned with their passion and purpose.

Originally from Mongolia, Ichko struggled with her career in America. Facing many obstacles all alone, she felt lost. She didn’t have a purpose in life. She wished that she had someone who can guide her through her journey called Life.

In 2019, Ichko found the courage to leave her accounting career, and embarked on a journey of discovery. Using her voice, she found her passion and purpose.