Author: Clive Enever

Five Signs Your Business Is ready to bring on staff

In every business’ growth journey there comes a point where additional resources and investment will be required.
At this critical juncture it’s likely you, the business operator, are working at capacity. It’s a struggle to complete all the small business tasks required and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.
It might sound obvious, but this is the point where you will need to bring on staff if you want your business to grow.

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Understanding, And Not Just Knowing, Your Numbers

Numbers, numbers, numbers! We’ve heard it all before. And so many times.

We have heard much of it before, but did it make sense? Did it resonate with you? Did you hear the message? Or did the very word ‘numbers’ put you off?

The thing about numbers is that they are especially important when it comes to business. Not just especially important, they are paramount. Without understanding your numbers, you are missing out.

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Counting to Improve Growth Efficiency

Business growth is often the biggest priority for every business operator. After all, growth equals more revenue, right? Well yes, but you want to understand how your business is operating to give you the best chance of growth.
Planning for growth involves knowing exactly where you are now, where you intend to be and charting a very clear course of how you intend to get there.

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