Author: Clive Enever

Finding the leak in your pipeline

Even profitable businesses potentially have leaks in their sales pipeline, and finding them can be the difference between moderate success and knocking your business profits out of the ballpark.
But where should you be looking to find where a leak might be? Well, leaks likely happen in a couple of places during your sales pipeline, so let’s investigate further.

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Why culture is critical in business

You can talk growth, vision, business mindset and numbers, but one often underestimated asset of the most successful businesses is culture.
This near unquantifiable X-factor is all about the team ethos. Get it right, you attract great staff and great customers. Get it wrong and your business can be a minefield of poor service, staff personality clashes, and lagging morale.
So, what is culture, why is it critical to business and how do you set yourself up for a positive workplace?

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