Author: Clive Enever

Increased Sales Through Conversation

We all know that business is about selling your product or service.When it comes to selling, a lot of people have a negative view of what selling is. Many people are frightened by it and, as a result try to be seen as NOT selling. Some of those same people then worry about why their product or service is not selling. Hmmmmm!

Selling, real selling, is not something to be frightened by or of. Selling is just a conversation. Yes, it is a conversation designed to arrive at the right outcome. And understanding how to have that conversation and who to have that conversation with is what makes the difference between a successful business and the other alternative.

Knowing how to have that conversation is what real selling is – no pressure; no need for ‘power’ tactics; no need for stress & worry – just a conversation to arrive at the right outcome.

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Using Enthusiasm To Grow Your Business

Part of doing business, winning and keeping clients or customers is Telling Your Story.This is the story that makes the difference between you and your competitors. It’s what allows the prospect to discover the ‘one’ they want to work with; the one they trust to deliver their outcome. What they discover is the person / business they feel comfortable handing their dollars to in return for a product or service, secure in the knowledge they have made the right decision.

This story therefore needs to be told with enthusiasm and conviction.

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Discovering Your True Confidence

Learning ‘real’ confidence is the hard part. Anyone can pretend to be confident – that’s usually interpreted by the viewer as brash, foolhardy or slapdash.
Being confident requires certainty. Certainty comes from clarity. Clarity comes from understanding, knowing ourselves and everything about what we do, how we do it, who we do it for and more. Much more.

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Shifting Your Focus to Overcome Fear

Fear treads on imagination – snuffs it out. Fear removes your self reliance – excises it so that you doubt yourself in every respect. Fear sucks out all enthusiasm – no matter how hard you try, those around you see only a try too hard. Fear takes the place of initiative and drives the sufferer to uncertainty. Fear invites and delivers failure in every form you can imagine.

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