Sometimes success can feel like it’s easily within reach, but occasionally it seems like a far off island where an elaborate map is required to reach your desired destination.

That’s normal, and it’s part of both life and business. But unlike the fairytales and movies, success is often achieved via micro-activities, frequently repeated.

The best news is, those activities can start right now, so here are three (simple) steps you can take today to determine your future success.

Know the goal

What does success look like to you? Yes, it’s a big question but it’s also not that hard. Is it financial security? Work/life balance? A joyous daily life? Being number one in your marketplace?

Perhaps it’s a combination of a few of the above, but it’s important to get crystal-clear on the outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

And, although that might sound like a ‘big life question’, the answer often lies just below the surface. It’s in the gut response you instantly have and the things that bring you joy.

So, ask yourself the question, and write the answer down. Then today, put that written answer somewhere you can be readily reminded of exactly the goal you are hoping to achieve.

Make the plan

With the destination front of mind, it’s time to develop a plan. But commencing this plan doesn’t need to start as a comprehensive, fully thought through, lengthy document.

Instead, quickly note down the biggest barriers that stand in the way of your definition of success, along with what needs to happen to get over or around them.

Later, you can drill into all the variables associated with your plan of action, but for now, simply ask yourself what’s standing in the way of my success and what can I do right now to overcome that?

Interestingly, the answer to this question might surprise you. It could be quite simple and involve losing a vice, adopting a single activity or choosing a specific mindset.

Then, it’s all about taking action… 

Start taking action

As simple as this sounds, success often begins with simple habits, and these can take a number of forms.

Perhaps it’s 20 minutes of physical activity, getting up an hour earlier, or starting your day the night before. These simple actions create momentum that you can build on day after day to achieve a goal and create real results.

So, today, in this moment, I ask you to consider one simple activity that could help propel you on the path to success.

Then adopt it. Right now. Don’t think, just do. Build it into your routine. Don’t overthink it, and the more simple it is the better.

Remember, success, however you define it in life or business, begins with small activities, frequently repeated. So, why not take this opportunity to liberate yourself and embark on a course of your design and your choosing?

If you’re looking to create real and effective strategies that are designed to propel your business to success, I’m available to assist. 

You can learn more about business goal setting, strategy and the stages of success here. Or contact me directly to book a discovery session dedicated to mapping out where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

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