Would you like a user-friendly tool to help you analyse your social media statistics effortlessly? Do you want to know the optimum times when to market and when to avoid posting your social media post? 

If the answer is yes, then watch this episode of Tools from My Toolbox as we learn about Metricool –- a powerful tool that can provide all of this information for free!

Metricool is a social media scheduler with robust social media statistical features. It provides valuable insights into post performance and optimal posting times. In this video, we explore a tool called Metricool that makes managing social media statistics and scheduling a breeze.

Metricool offers a range of features, including a statistics overview and analytics. Users can track metrics such as likes, post views, reactions, clicks, and audience statistics across various platforms.

With the free account, you can connect one brand encompassing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (premium feature), Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. The tool allows you to view results in your own timezone, helping you determine the best times to schedule your posts.

Metricool provides you with extensive statistical reports that can be analyzed on a monthly, current month, or weekly basis. We personally prefer the 30-day view to assess performance for marketing campaigns.

Metricool’s planning tool allows you to formulate your posting schedule efficiently. It shows the best times to post on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The darker the section on the report shows you the more optimal time for posting your content.

Another cool thing about Metricool also offers an inbox feature to manage and respond to messages efficiently, along with the ability to filter messages, ensuring you don’t miss any important communications.

Metricool’s free plan provides you with a solid foundation, but the premium account offers additional features such as managing multiple profiles and LinkedIn integration. It’s especially useful for agencies and professionals handling clients.

In conclusion, Metricool is a valuable tool for analysing statistics, determining the best posting times, and optimising scheduling times. It is best paired with a social media scheduler tool like Meet Edgar to really finetune and optimise your posting strategy.

Metricool simplifies social media statistics, making it easy to analyse and predict social post performance. It also provides insights into the best times to post on different platforms, making it a valuable addition to any social media toolkit. 

So if you want to know when to market for your business, give Metricool a try!


[00:00:00] How to simplify social media statistics and scheduling
[00:00:28] What is Metricool?
[00:00:53] Overview of the features of Metricool
[00:01:25] Availability of platforms
[00:02:08] Demonstration of Metricool’s statistical reporting
[00:02:44] Metricool’s planning tool
[00:03:33] Metricool’s inbox feature
[00:03:51] Premium membership benefits
[00:04:08] Role of Metricool in analysing statistics
[00:04:21] Conclusion on Metricool’s features and benefits


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