This is our first Talk episode back after a long break, and that break was necessary for myself and our businesses. This episode is all about not feeling guilty about prioritising self-care and the needs of our businesses. Sometimes, we need to slow down and acknowledge that maintaining the status quo is enough for a period of time.

In my personal journey, halfway through 2022, I contracted Covid and developed long Covid. This forced me to take a step back from doing everything, including recording Talk episodes. However, I could still support our businesses, clients, and teams. During that time, I realised that being physically present wasn’t always necessary, and meeting the basic needs was sufficient.

In this episode, I am sharing valuable lessons I learned about honouring time, setting boundaries, and taking care of my energy.

Incorporating routines

Firstly, I incorporated routines into my phone to establish boundaries. For example, on Saturdays and Sundays, I disabled notifications from Facebook and LinkedIn, only allowing calls and messages from my close contacts. This boundary allowed me to recharge without constant interruptions.

Honouring energy levels

Secondly, I learned to honour my energy levels. As business owners, we often feel the need to take on excessive workloads. However, it’s essential to recognise when we’re not at our best and adjust accordingly. If I didn’t feel up to being in front of the camera or engaging with people, I allowed myself to step back. It’s okay to prioritise self-care and do activities that rejuvenate us instead.

Tracking time

Additionally, I started tracking my time meticulously. Using tools like ClickUp, I monitored how I spent my time within our business. This helped me identify areas that could be outsourced, such as house cleaning, so I could focus on what indeed required my attention. By delegating certain tasks, I could honour my energy and invest quality time into supporting my clients and my teenage daughter.

Honouring boundaries

Lastly, I emphasised the importance of honouring boundaries. Whether working from home or within a business setting, people may assume they can interrupt us at any time. Communicating our work hours and personal time is crucial to avoid unnecessary distractions. Respecting these boundaries allows us to maintain a healthy work-life balance and prevent burnout.


In conclusion, remember that you are the driving force within your business. Just like any well-functioning machine, you need proper maintenance and occasional breaks. No one can do everything at once, and it’s perfectly okay to take time off when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Prioritise self-care, honour your energy and establish boundaries to ensure your long-term success and well-being. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take that much-needed break.


[00:00:00] Introduction to the Talk podcast
[00:00:18] Importance of taking time for oneself and one’s businesses
[00:01:02] Dealing with Covid and the need to prioritise health and basic business functioning
[00:01:54] The importance of putting routines into place and setting boundaries
[00:02:59] Honouring one’s energy and recognising when it’s necessary to step back
[00:03:58] The value of time tracking and outsourcing tasks that can be delegated to others
[00:04:32] The significance of honouring boundaries, both in terms of personal and professional relationships, to maintain focus and avoid burnout
[00:06:00] Conclusion and reminder that breaks and self-care are essential for everyone

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