Creating an online course is a great way to connect with your audience, increase your authority within your niche, and build another stream of passive income. They tend to go deeper than your blog posts but are just as fun to create.

Quite often at the start of the course creation journey, we ask ourselves, why teach and create courses in the first place? Being able to teach and create courses is a great privilege because we’ve developed skills and knowledge that people want to access.

Also, since the pandemic, we’ve seen lots of people move towards finding knowledge and information online. The global e-learning market reached a value of US$ 253.3 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, the market is projected to reach US$ 521.8 billion by 2027, exhibiting a growth rate of 9.9%.

Here are the top three reasons to create an online course and why you should do it:

You have the knowledge to share.

Whether it’s an academic- or hobby-based knowledge, you have expertise. Are you growing vegetables in your backyard? Are you creating your own video games? That’s knowledge!

That knowledge has taken you a long time to learn.

You’ve actually taken the time, often years, and effort to be an expert of your knowledge. You’ve learned the bad and the good. You’ve made mistakes that turned into lessons. And you’ve learned the best way to learn that knowledge.

There are people that actually want to know how we do things.

Whatever expertise you have, someone out there online is seeking that information. There’s a nice for everything, and people want to learn from people who have already done it. What is second nature to us quite often isn’t second nature to everyone else.

If you really want to delve into this a bit further, then head to our Monetise Your Knowledge Worksheet and run through that worksheet and look at all those things that come second nature to you that you can teach.

Other reasons why you should teach and create courses online:

It diversifies our income.

Online courses allow you to bring in another income stream. Once you’ve set it up, it becomes a source of passive income for you.

They are evergreen.

People can come and take them at a time that suits them, when the problem is an issue for them and when you can deliver the solution that they need.

You can create online memberships.

Creating an online membership that offers your audience access to all your courses and other content is a great way to create recurring income for your business.

Delivering courses online took away the geographical boundary.

You are no longer limited to working in the area where you are located. You can work with people all around the globe.

So, if your topic is particularly evergreen, and if it can be taught the same way over and over again, then I suggest that course creation is something that you have a look at. If you’ve been looking at being able to service a wider audience, then course creation is something that you have a look at.

Access to knowledge is the market today and it is huge. There’s a whole term around educators out there that allows us to be able to teach online, share our knowledge, and monetise our knowledge.

Courses allow your audience to come away with unique skills and insight that you as an expert can offer. They help build authority in your brand and serve to see you recognised as a leader in your field.


[0:00] Introduction
[0:47] Why teach and create courses in the first place?
[1:10] People want to access knowledge online
[1:15] Three top reasons for creating an online course and why you should do it
[1:50] Other components for teaching an online course
[3:05] Why course creation can be perfect for you
[3:30] Access to knowledge is the market today
AnswerThePublic helps you run a search of what people are looking for
[3:51] How to start sharing your knowledge
[4:25] A challenge for you
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