Everybody fails. Even the great success stories like JK Rowling and Michael Jordan failed at various times on their journeys to success.

In this Business Conversations podcast, author Ken Williams explains it’s not that you fail but rather how you manage it that counts.

Ken and I discuss:

  • The importance of failure. In particular, why failing fantastically is the pathway to true success.
  • Debunking the stigma of failure. What are the benefits of failing fantastically?
  • With a sense of purpose and a sense of humour anyone can fail fantastically

Ken Williams has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years – from direct selling to writing ad copy for Australia’s leading newspapers.

His latest book How to Fail Fantastically is a humorous guide on how to fail that reveals the true nature of how to succeed.

Ken notes he and failure go way back. Failure has got Ken through life. He’s failed at just about everything he’s ever done (at least in some way), but he’s still here, even smiling. Sometimes he laughs.