If you’re in small business, there’s every chance you don’t have enough time. Whether that’s every day, or last week, or at random times across a week or a month, there’s a reason for that.

Being in small business often means there is only one person to fill all the roles. And each of the roles can seem that it attracts enough tasks for a full time job. Of course, each task that bobs up “demands” immediate attention.

I hear stories from people about gaining another day per week because they no longer have to travel to an office, because of Covid-19 lockdowns. That’s one way to find more time.

Where can that time be used?

• All the jobs claim urgency – identify what is beneficial to you if done “right now”
• Identifying the most important and doing that or those will bring the right results
• If it involves introducing a new customer to your business – that is a priority
• Work through each of the tasks in order of benefit to the business

Completing the selected tasks will have improved the position of your business. And you will typically have just as much time for those other tasks as you had before you started on the things which actually grow your business.

Having grown the business because you worked on the things that matter most, you are probably now in a position to pay someone else to perform the tasks that take you away from the things that matter.

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