I love that moment when a client asks me “What makes a good Interview?” because it means all the hard work is paying off, and they are on their way to achieving their media goals.

So I thought it was time to share with you, my tips for what makes a good interview too.

Be Prepared:

I know this sounds obvious to most people but being prepared is where most people fall down in interview. Form the moment you send your release you need to be prepared for a journalists or producers call.

  • To be prepared you need to:
  • Make sure you are available to take their call.
  • You have somewhere quiet to go for the interview
  • You have your notes with you
  • And you can go into the studio if need be.

Know what to Say:

Your release is why the journo called you so make sure you know what was in it, especially if someone else wrote it for you.

Make sure you know your facts and you can back them up. It is also really important to know what you “can’t” say especially if you and representing a company, so make sure you have read the media policy.

Another trick is to anticipate questions the journalist might ask and have responses ready.

Know what to Wear:

On a telephone interview you can most probably get away with being in your PJ’s, however you most probably will sound and feel more professional if you are in your “work” gear. (for me that means my lippy and a pair of heels)

For TV and radio interview’s you are “seen” by the producers, audience and social media so it is important to be “on brand” with what you wear.

Try and stick to solid colours, natural objects and keep jewellery and watches to a minimum.

Know who is involved:

Do your research by knowing who is involved in your interview i.e.:

  • The Producer
  • The Journalist
  • The Camera and Sound Team

If you have time do you research and be prepared for their interview style.

Don’t Go Off the Record:

Off the record is never a good thing because, in the end, the media is all about the story and off the record can end up published anyway.

If you think it should be off the record – don’t say it!

Give it a K.I.S.S:

Keep things simple and you are less like to trip up in interview. Avoid the use of jargon and technical terms, and explain them if you do use them.

Pick 2-3 points you want to cover in the interview and stick to them.
And remember to breathe and take your time so your message is heard and understood.

Good luck with your media interviews, if you are looking for even more interview tips you can find more in my Book of PR Tips.