As business owners it is easy to look at someone and think they are have just poofed into existence and are an overnight success, but let’s face it overnight success is a myth.

Behind that success you are seeing is layers of work, mistakes, marketing and profile building so this Tips Tuesday let’s bust this myth and look at what it really takes to be a so called overnight success.

Building a brand requires building its roots, and the foundations and while these steps might seem tedious they are what lead the way to the success leaps that are often perceived as overnight success stories.


Things you can do to help you be seen as an overnight success:

  1. Plan for Consistency (try the Marketing Planner)
  2. Share your story
  3. Educate your Market
  4. Keep trying
  5. Test and automate
  6. Pick yourself up
  7. Learn new skills
  8. Implement what you learn
  9. And try new things