Sales starts and ends with a simple conversation, and the key to that conversation is asking the right questions. 

Let’s discuss the importance of using effective questioning techniques in sales to understand the needs and wants of your clients. 

And look at how the right questions determine if someone is interested and if their needs align with what you offer, including:

  • Why traditional sales methods are ineffective
  • How open-ended questions help you understand your clients’ needs and whether your offering is right for them
  • The key questions to ask, and the importance of listening to the answers provided
  • How questions help you work with your ideal client and better service their needs

It’s all about your client’s needs

When we hear the word ‘sales’ there’s often a misconception it’s all about shouting about your product or service.

But that’s not how the art of sales works. Instead, it should be a conversation that revolves around understanding the needs and wants of your customers, and to do that you need to engage with them by asking the right questions.

The right questions at the right time

A great conversation is underpinned by open-ended questions, which allow your client to reveal what they’re thinking and what they need.

Ultimately, this helps determine if your product or service is actually right for them.

And it’s important to note, that finding out that your offering doesn’t suit someone’s needs is just as valuable as learning that it does.

If your product is not for them, chances are they are not your ideal client at this moment in time. 

The right questions show you care

The reality is, that good business involves genuinely caring about your customers and their needs, wants and desires.

The right questions at the right time are all part of forging this relationship. They indicate you genuinely care and help ascertain whether you’re all on the same page.


  • [01:00] – The importance of questioning technique
  • [01:14] – Approaching the prospect
  • [01:33] – Determining the prospect’s reasoning
  • [01:48] – Asking the right questions
  • [02:03] – The questions to ask and what they reveal
  • [02:51] – The power of ‘why’
  • [03:55] – How the right questions help reveal your ideal clients


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