Think of bite-sized content as snackable content, something your audience can interact with quickly and still come away with something truly valuable.

I love bite-sized content! Sometimes you have a free minute and you get to use it well when your favourite influencers deliver a bite-sized content. That’s the same for your audience. Actually, they might sit down for an entire hour and consume and engage with hundreds of bite-sized content in that hour.

Get in on that action! Produce bite-sized content: images and micro videos of tips and advice your audience will appreciate! And the best thing about this is your bite-sized content already exists in content you already have. Just repurpose!

Some bite sized content ideas you can share are:

* Your top tips in short bursts (videos, memes, audio)
* Product how to’s and walkthroughs
* Highlight blog or podcast episodes
* As a way to promote larger campaigns, giveaways, online events, etc
extra light bites to your audience, such as GIFs, meme

Bite Sized content tools:

Filmora & Flimora Go 

Bite-Sized Tips

* Regram/Retweet/Repost snackable content to save time and promote engagement.
* Keep content fresh by using content surrounding current events, national holidays, and major sports events.
* Mix it in with your other content

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