A newsletter is a powerful marketing tool and one we should be using as we attract our audience to our lists. This is why it’s important to look at the formula of a newsletter to be successful.
Newsletters can be fun, informative and whatever you make them, but they can also daunting which is why we are sharing our newsletter formula with you so you can include the power of newsletters in your marketing.
The Formula of a Newsletter is simple, but it can leave many business owners wondering what to do and where to start, so it is important to have your ducks in a row when you want to create a newsletter for your business.

The Formula of a Newsletter:

Choose a mailing platform
Of course, to send your newsletter, you will need a mailing platform. MailerLite is our favourite. MailerLite is an email marketing software designed to help people of all skill levels create professional and personalised marketing campaigns on their own.
Set your marketing list
This will be the audience for your newsletter. Make sure this list is opted-in which means that the recipient has subscribed to receive your newsletter, otherwise you will be tagged as spam. Have the right permissions before sending out any email.
Segmented lists
When you have your lists, make sure these are segmented to the right audience correctly. For example, we have specific lists for Enever Group, The Course Creators Circle, Business Business Business so that the newsletter only goes out to the designated recipient.
Choose a campaign name
This will cover the topic of the newsletter, like a summary of what is your email about.
Put in your header and brand
The header should include the name of the newsletter, date, and tagline. It is good to include extra links that can help people like a menu navigation to connect with you and find other resources.
Your introduction
This is a note to your readers about what has been happening in the past week/month etc since you last touched base. Use this section to tell your story so they can engage with you and your business. Also include the topic of the newsletter and why you have selected the content to go in it.
Content that has a purpose for the subscriber
People joined your newsletter to stay up to date and learn things from you so make sure that you include that in your newsletter. This may include helpful articles from your blog, product advice or promotions, useful infographics made on Canva, Youtube videos that are relevant, and any upcoming events that you have.
Promotional ideas
Your newsletter is a way to communicate with your customers and build a relationship, so you don’t want to fill your newsletter with promotional material. However, once in a while it’s okay to add a special coupon, mention a new product launch or refer-a-friend promotion:

Final thoughts

To get a format of how the newsletter is done effectively you can download my Formula of a Newsletter Cheatsheet which is free and inside your Marketing Planner is the Newsletter template ready for you to create your own newsletters.
In conclusion, when you are putting together your newsletter, make sure you are not using it just for selling something, but you are educating, empowering, and engaging your people to stay connected and continue to be on your list.
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[0:00] Introduction
[0:20] What is the Formula of a Newsletter?
[0:35] Downloadable cheatsheet
[0:45] Getting your ducks in a row
[0:55] Mailing platform
[1:15] Set your lists
[1:48] Segmented lists
[2:25] The Formula of a Newsletter components
[3:20] Content that has a purpose for your subscriber
[3:55] Promotional ideas for newsletter subscribers
[4:05] Format for your newsletter
[4:45] The goal of your newsletter
[4:57] Newsletter template in your Marketing Planner

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