Chances are you have a database of clients who you’ve done business with over the years your enterprise has been in operation.

But are these relationships active, or are they just people you once provided a product or service to and now they are just names in your Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) software?

The reality is, your past relationships with clients hold the key to your future success. So here are seven ways to reinvigorate your client relationships.

Touch base

Relationships with clients are only valuable if they are up-to-date and accurate, so it pays to reach out to your database of clients and ask whether their details are current and your services are relevant.

Even if the answer’s no and they ‘unsubscribe’, this helps you whittle down your database of contacts to potential clients and actual clients who are interested in your services or have a need for what you provide.

A special offer

Once you know who values what you have, there’s potential to reach out to these people with a special offer.

This taps into the loyalty of your customers and lets them know their patronage is appreciated.

Although special offers may cost a business a small amount in the short-term, they help business owners build strong relationships and create loyal clients for life.

Anniversaries and events

If you have a long-standing professional relationship with a client that has extended over the years, it pays to recognise that with milestone offers and contact.

Whether it’s the anniversary of when they last made a significant purchase with you, their birthday or Christmas, touch base on the personal milestones that illustrate you know who they are and value their patronage.

Timely information

If you have a database of clients, you should service them with timely information that provides them value.

There’s often a good reason a client chose your business in the first place, so provide them with insight that informs them, educates them and allows them to make good purchasing decisions in your areas of expertise moving forward.

This might include answering frequently asked questions or providing them with industry updates, but either way it establishes your business as the go-to expert in your field and builds stronger customer relationships.


On that note, what has your business been up to that your client might find interesting?

When a customer picks your business they feel an affinity with you for any number of reasons, and there’s ample potential to take this affinity to a whole new level by forging a personal connection.

This occurs by offering a personal insight into what you do, how it relates to them and in the process, tells your brand story that makes you top of mind for the customer moving forward.

Surveys and feedback

A relationship with any client is not a one-way street, so it can be invaluable to open the lines of communication and seek insight into how they feel about you and whether they would choose your products or service in the future.

This is where surveys and feedback come into play.

Not only does contacting your clients for feedback help illustrate what your business is doing right or wrong, it allows you to better understand client expectations, encourages your valued client to offer their honest opinion and lets them know that their input matters.

A simple thank you

Every client who works with your business deserves to feel appreciated and there’s no time like the present to say thank you for shopping with us, seeking out your service, or providing your business with ongoing patronage.

The simple act of a thank you – whether it’s an email or a special offer – lets your client know they are valued.

The final word

An old rule of thumb in business is that it takes five times more to make than keep a customer. And chances are that statistic is far higher today.

That’s why it’s important business owners value the contacts they have, engage them and reignite the customer relationship to ensure business success.

When you do, you will find greater customer loyalty, an insight into what’s working and what’s not in your business and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your sales and build strong customer relationships, I’m available to assist, and you can book a discovery call with me here.

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