One of the first things to do when starting your business or launching your brand is to create your profiles on social media. This is your social media real estate.
However, when you start creating profiles on social media, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. With dozens of prominent platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, many business owners wonder if the effort is worthwhile and if they should have accounts on each platform.
Considering that social media platforms attract a lot of users each day, there’s definitely an opportunity to gain exposure. And while you don’t need to start using them all at once securing your social media real estate – your user names, handles, unique URLs – are important right from the start.

So, here are my tips to make sure you secure your social media real estate

  • Start one platform at a time. If you’ve used some of the social media platforms already, then figure out if your potential audience is using the same. You can start from there since you are already familiar with the platform.
  • Secure your brand assets. Get your user names, vanity profile, unique URLs. This is to make sure no one else will grab them in the future, especially when it’s a personal profile for your coaching or consultancy.
  • Brand your profile. Give your account a professional look by putting brand. Put your logo, cover image, bio, and other profile information to make sure anyone who finds it will start recognising your business or brand.
  • Call to action. If you’re not ready to post anything yet, lead them to your newsletter, website, or other places where they can find you.
  • Other platforms. Now that you started with one, discover where else your people are hanging out or what platforms are your competitors using. Then you can slowly add more social media accounts.
  • Automation. Once you’ve signed up for the social platforms that you need, you can now begin the process of automating your social posts and updates. This is especially helpful for all your evergreen content. Use a tool like MissingLettr or MeetEdgar to automate your social media content to make sure your accounts are always active and people can engage with you.

Final Thoughts

Building your personal brand on social media takes some time and work, but when done right, you could land your next client, job opportunity, or valuable connections.
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[0:00] Introduction
[0:30] Reasons to secure our social media real estate
[0:40] Protect our brand and business identity
[1:00] Start one platform at a time
[1:30] Get your user name, vanity profiles, URL, etc
[1:50] Personal handles for coaches or consultants
[2:05] Secure your brand assets
[2:15] Brand your social profile by putting a logo, cover image, bio, about us, etc.
[2:45] If you’re not ready to post anything yet, lead them to a newsletter or other call to action
[3:15] Talk to your people and find out where they are hanging out on social media
[3:45] Study your competitors as well
[4:15] Automating your social updates like MissingLetter and MeetEdgar
[4:35] Focus on one social media one at a time and start engaging with your people
[5:00] Subscribe for the next podcast episode

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