If you’re in business the likelihood is you’re busy, but the real question is are you productive? Are you utilising your available time to boost your business in a proactive manner?

The likelihood is probably not, as most small business operators feel they work in their business, not on it, and there are never enough hours in the day. 

Here are six productivity tips designed to boost your business.


Thinking about what you want to do and when you plan to have it done is critical to business productivity. This extends from small day-to-day deadlines to major goals like performance targets and an overarching business plan.

This goal setting and forward planning allows you to think about something once, write it down with the methods to achieve it, and then simply get it done. 

It also allows you to measure your successes to see whether something needs to change.    

Proactive not reactive

Boosting your business is about being proactive, not reactive. That means considering problems before they arise and having the strategies to deal with them. 

A major component of business success is foresight, whether that’s planning what you will do if a new competitor sets up next door, or if your most valued staff member gives notice.

This foresight and risk management allows you to get on the front-foot quickly without losing time, effort and impetus.

Time management

Business is about accomplishing a bevy of small tasks in order to please customers, satisfy government requirements and ultimately make an income. 

Effective time management is the key to meeting so many demands.

That means allocating time to do tasks, whether it’s talking to your accountant or drafting that website for a customer, and do it when you say you will. 

It could include setting blocks of your day for dealing with emails, or an hour a week at the bookkeeper’s, but either way it gives you a specific time to do the task and tick it off your list.

Seek help

If you are constantly behind the eight-ball despite the best plans and effective time management, it could be time to seek help. 

Every growing business hits a crunch time, when the efforts of the owner are no longer enough to meet all the requirements of a business. This is when it’s time to outsource jobs, hire a staff member, or call in an expert to take the load off.

Staff communication

If you already have staff, ensure their jobs have clear descriptions and expectations for maximum productivity. 

These include concise job outlines at the commencement of their employment and systems and procedures for them to do the tasks at hand in the manner you expect.

Start the day the night before

Doing small things like laying out your clothes, planning for the following day or writing a to-do list the night before work are hugely effective means of improving your productivity. 

They not only allow you to clear your head but to be a step ahead of the game before it’s even begun.

When you’re working in a business day-to-day with clients and staff, it’s easy to find yourself just battling to meet the ongoing deadlines of the job. 

But with planning, proactive strategies and time management you can accomplish real, groundbreaking productivity to truly boost your business.

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