There is a content marketing strategy I have used for years, it might seem simple but it is very powerful when it comes to planning out your content for the year.

The five, seven, and ten strategy and it is great for content planning for blogs, social media, and more.

We know we need to publish quality content regularly to attract and retain your target audience. But creating and distributing content across various channels is often easier said than done. 

That is where the Five, Seven, Ten Strategy comes into play.

What is the Five Seven Ten Strategy? 

When you sit down to plan your content, think about the topics that you want to write about. 

What is the key topic or theme that you want to work on? 

After figuring out that broad-level topic, you want to break it down into a five, seven, or ten-series of tips.

These can then be shared in a blog or a video with the five seven or ten tips you have come up with for the topic.


The five, seven ten strategy allow you to plan and expand your topic reach.

What’s great about the five, seven, ten strategy, is that this can be expanded further into other areas of marketing like social media and short-form and long-form videos.

We can then create social posts:

The five, seven or ten tips you have share in your blog posts can now be turned into evergreen social media posts and images that can then be scheduled ahead to publish in social media using tools like MeetEdgar

Tips make great short-form video

Those tips you have created make great short form video for stories and reels. You can create text videos using Lumen5 and take that same piece of content and create short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts

Record the tips as a video

Bring your tips together in a long form video that creates connection with you as you share your insights on the five, seven or ten tips you have chosen.

Try the five, seven, ten marketing strategy. Start with a big topic, then break it down into five, seven or ten sub-topics that you can work on from expanding it further into different forms of content across your different social platforms

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[0:04] Create content and get more from it
[0:15] The 5,7,10 rule when creating content
[1:05] Think about broad-level topics that you have
[1:15] Break it down into a series of tips
[1:30] And use snippets for social media
[1:45] Using the same content to make short-form video
[1:55] One topic presented in different ways
[2:20] All part of your content plan
[2:50] Multiple audiences to engage with
[3:30] Putting it all together

Sponsored Content: This post is sponsored content and the placement has been paid for or contains affiliate links. For full information, see our terms of use

Sponsored Content: This post is sponsored content and the placement has been paid for or contains affiliate links. For complete information, see our terms of use.

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