Email is a reliable marketing channel, and even in a world where new social media platforms seem to pop out of the woodwork, email consistently delivers top results.
Emails are received and sent every day. Branding your email gives you a great opportunity to promote and market your brand while doing the day-to-day operations of the business.
But is your email account marketing ready? Below are the components of the best practices to make sure your email is ready for your business/s marketing activities.
Check your email setup
Your “from name” at least needs to be your full name including your business name. This is another opportunity to build your brand. Make sure the spelling is correct and there are capital letters and most of all no nicknames.
Send your email from an address that uses your domain name
An email coming from your domain name is given more value and respect than those sent from a generic account like Gmail or Hotmail. You have invested in hosting your website so make sure you market it with your email using the same domain details.
Use your signature in every email
A good signature block is key to email success. It engages and connects your client. Make sure that your signature block includes your logo, contact details, social media accounts, and any tagline to make your brand stick.
Marketing with your email signature
Your email signature is like your business card, providing an important part of your brand and presenting a great opportunity to market and promote what you do.
Your email signature is more than a sign-off and contact details, so what should be included?
  • Your Name and Contact Details: It may sound obvious but contact details are key to a potential client being able to reach you, so make sure they are clearly featured in all correspondence, including your email signature, with your email, website and phone number among the critical details.
Tip: Make sure your email and phone number are clickable.
  • Your logo: Your logo is your brand and the visual cue that people connect with your business, so make sure you use it in your email to capture the attention of the visual reader and reinforce your professional image.


  • Tagline: A Tagline is an extension of your business name, for example at Business Business Business we use the tagline “Learn Connect Network Do”. A tagline provides the email recipient with a further explanation about what your business does and presents a clearer picture of who you are.


  • Social Media: Social media is a great way for prospective clients to connect with you if they want to follow what you do. It also allows them to see how you operate without feeling the need for commitment, so make sure the channels you use are included in your signature, allowing your prospects and customers to connect.
If you use a tool like Wisestamp you can even include your latest social media update from your favourite channel.
  • Accreditations: Accreditations and awards add to your credibility so if you have them and they are current, make sure you add them to your signature.


  • A product or event: If you have a new product out or event coming up, put it in your email signature so people can know about it. It is easy to forget and think that people “know” about that product or event we are working on.


  • Your latest blog post: A link to your latest blog post is a great way of adding credibility to your email signature and educating your market. It also gives prospective customers a way to check you out.

Putting it all together:

You can create your signatures in your email program through its built-in settings or you can use a dynamic tool that updates your signature for you. A signature tool like Wisestamp for emails makes branding and set-up easy.
It also allows us to pull in the latest blog post for our feed or add a special offer to our signature, giving us one more opportunity to connect with our email recipients. You can see how I use Wisestamp in this 5 Minute Marketing Tip Video on Youtube


[0:00] Introduction
[0:45] Is your email account marketing ready?
[0:55] Email is one of the foundations of starting a business
[1:15] Set up your from name with branding
[1:45] Domain-based email
[2:05] Use signature on every email
[2:45] Email signature is an opportunity to promote your brand and what you do
[2:50] What do you put in your email signature
[3:40] Use a tool like Wisestamp to boost your email signature
[4:30] Putting it all together
[5:15] Subscribe for the next podcast episode

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