Whatever your goals happen to be an activity schedule is relevant and essential to achieving them.

If you are accustomed to setting goals and then achieving them, you are probably well versed in establishing an activity schedule directly related to the goal. If you are not, then it is time to identify what activity will deliver the goal and then begin the activity.

Or perhaps you are one who doesn’t understand setting goals and how to achieve them. If this is you, choose something you really, really want to have as an outcome. Now set about the how to achieve part. Begin with a time frame. When do you want this? Is this time frame realistic? That is, is it possible to achieve the outcome you desire within the time you have set? If not, set a realistic time. If it is you are already well on the way to understanding what activity is required to achieve the goal.

If you are having difficulty following the above, then just find something you want. Set your mind to achieving it and take action – any action that will take you toward the goal. As you take more actions toward the goal you will begin to relate outcomes to the action taken. This will allow you to be more precise in establishing the right actions to deliver the goal you set yourself.

Set yourself some goals and a plan to achieve them.
• What are your top 5 goals?
• What actions do you need to take to achieve them?
• What are your key performance indicators to ensure you are on target to reach these goals?
• What will you measure (KPI), or what have you already measured and what are the adjustments you’ll make?
• How do you intend to simplify your role, prevent overwhelm and expand your goals?