Creating a winning LinkedIn profile that projects the difference you deliver helps let others know about you.

A stand-out profile also ensures collaborators see you as credible, and in being aware of your specialist knowledge and expertise, are more likely to refer business to you.

If you want to be noticed, you have to know how to use LinkedIn as a personal branding tool. If you want to make money and funnel clients, you have to see LinkedIn as a database of people you can partner and grow with — of how reciprocity, authenticity and a willingness to help others will further your own professional goals.”

In the Business Conversation, LinkedIn trainer and profile writer Karen Tisdell and I discuss:

  • Creating a winning LinkedIn profile
  • Creating versus curating content – what to publish, why to publish.
  • Building relationships online

An early-adopter of LinkedIn, Karen Tisdell recognised the platform’s potential when working as a recruiter.

Identifying a niche and foreseeing the importance of how professionals are perceived online, Karen began her LinkedIn profile writing business. A decade on, she has written thousands of profiles for C-level executives and is ranked as one of the top 10 independent LinkedIn trainers across Asia Pacific.”

Karen’s consistent sharing of knowledge has seen her ranked one of the top independent LinkedIn Trainers across Asia Pacific (SMMI 2019 & 2018) winning the support of clients that include HPE, Telstra, Dicker Data and Getinge as well as numerous small and mid-sized companies.