One of the greatest challenges for any business owner is to take a big picture approach. With demanding schedules, competing needs and the daily routine of working in your business it can be hard to step out of the management role and see the wood for the trees, to ask and effectively answer that all important question; where to from here?

Identifying growth and movement in your business is critical to answering that question. And an outsider’s perspective can be vital in helping you discover these areas of expansion, fluctuation and shift. Here are three things a coach can help you see to get you where your business needs to go…

What works now?

You know something’s working – the balance sheet looks good, your customers are happy…but what are the exact ingredients that are underpinning your success?

A coach can help you audit your business to get to the root of the elements that work well. They can help you look at product lines or business features that have people coming back for more.

They can also identify the extraneous items that may be holding you back – whether that’s staffing, over-stocking or expense.

What will work in the future?

There’s no crystal ball in business but experience and industry expertise go a long way when it comes to predicting what will happen next.

A business mentor brings this experience and expertise.

Depending on your circumstances, they can help you expand your product lines, implement systems and procedures, or network with the right customers to cement a prime position in your business niche.

They can also assist in identifying emerging trends, give you tools to test the market and help you carve out a natural path of expansion.

What to do next?

Whether it’s raising capital, finding suppliers or implementing a media plan, a coach can give you the map to where you want to go. Once you’ve deciphered what works, what doesn’t, and what looks likely to work in the future, they can help set you on the path, with the right methodology to measure your progress.

Finding the right business mentor to suit your needs isn’t a one size fits all scenario.  Contact Clive directly to discuss your goals.