Selling is simply an exchange of goods or services through money and currency, but too often business owners consider it the dirty cousin of marketing.
Sales expert Julia Ewert notes the reality is most people enter business because they have a product or skill that others seek, but without sales it has no value.
In this Business Conversation, Julia and I discuss why selling is always strategic and how you can find the sales strategies that complement your business.
Key takeaways of this podcast include:
  • The difference between sales and marketing
  • How to modernise your sales to convert more customers
  • How to hold your price and never discount
Julia Ewert is an MBA-degree qualified sales strategist with decades of experience working for global companies in sales and sales leadership roles.  Julia has a knack for teaching sales concepts in a manner so relatable and logical, that you will be surprised by how quickly and easily changes are adapted and results are achieved.
A regular contributor to the media, Julia is described as a “breath of fresh air” due to her genuine nature and approach to making selling principles simple.
Her point of difference is that she only teaches skills and techniques that are 100% tried and tested for success by herself.