Entrepreneurs and business owners change the world, investing enormous resources and risk to make the world a better place. But too often they do not attain the rewards they deserve.

In this Business Conversation, business advisor Simon Bedard offers his insight into the fundamental drivers of value in a business that not only increase wealth, but ensure your business is more enjoyable to run.

In the podcast, Simon and I discuss:

  • Why business owners should be focusing more on the value of their business, rather than more revenue and profit.
  • The key drivers of value in a business that owners can implement today.
  • How to build a saleable business, even if you have no plan to sell it.

Simon Bedard is the founder and CEO of Exit Advisory Group – a boutique mergers and acquisition firm that also provides a range of and advisory services focused on exit strategies and how to maximise company value.

Simon’s experience spans over 20 years in the finance, investment, energy and technology sectors. As an entrepreneur, Simon has started, bought and exited companies.

His passion is helping business owners understand where they want to be, then building a business that can get them there.