Perfectionism is very different to doing a job to the best of your ability, and according to expert Heather Rider, it’s highly problematic in business and life.
In this Business Conversations Podcast, Heather shares her first-hand experience of how perfectionism stifles our creativity, leads to procrastination and limits our full potential.
Instead, she explains when business owners are willing to try and “give it their best effort” they are far more likely to see quicker growth in their business, plus feel happier and more fulfilled.
Three key messages of this podcast include:
  • The difference between high standards and perfectionism
  • Why perfectionism is unrealistic and unattainable. Striving for perfectionism leads to burn out.
  • How fear of not doing something perfectly actually slows growth in business. It is better to be in action than to make sure everything is perfect, which just slows down momentum
Known professionally as The Energy Synergist, Heather Rider is an anxiety specialist who personally overcame high-functioning anxiety. She works with clients from all over the world who want to take a nontraditional, holistic approach to healing anxiety.
She regularly writes and presents on the issues of perfectionism, high-functioning anxiety and other anxiety related topics.
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