It’s no secret that in the past few years Digital Marketing has diversified and fragmented. The sector has split into social, search, content, video, conversion rate optimisation, email marketing and the list goes on.
Digital Eagles marketing manager David Hyman notes any one of these can work for almost any business with the right strategy, but how do you you know if it’s the right channel mix for your business?
In this Business Conversations podcast, David shares his top tips on:
  • How to set performance goals for your digital campaigns.
  • How to identify the “low hanging fruit” from digital marketing.
  • The fundamentals of a digital strategy.
As the Digital Marketing Manager of Digital Eagles Marketing Agency, Dave Hyman brings more than eight years of digital marketing and digital strategy experience to the team to help develop performance-based campaigns that produce quality results for over 150 clients.
Dave is an expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation and has successfully started and sold businesses along the way, but finds his passion in offering strategic solutions to their digital marketing needs and assisting clients with getting the best return on investment.
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