At its heart, business is about people, but too often the human element of leadership is overlooked with the focus instead on KPIs.
In this podcast Dr Tim Baker and I discuss the power of authenticity and personal connection when it comes to effectively leading a team and empowering staff.
Key points discussed in this podcast include:
  • The importance of honing strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses
  • Why leadership is about forging relationships
  • The power of real conversations
Dr Tim Baker is a thought leader, international consultant and successful author. He was recently voted as one of The 50 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders by the World HRD Congress as a professional “doing extraordinary work” in the field of HRD.
He is managing director of WINNERS-at-WORK Pty Ltd, which specialises in leadership development and performance management.
Tim has conducted over 2,430 seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to over 45,000 people in 11 countries across 21 industry groups and regularly writes for HR industry press.
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