List building is a great way to maintain communication with potential and current customers, but ultimately it’s all about conversion.

In the episode of Business Conversations, online marketing strategist Jennie Wright explains why converting leads into paying customers is all about creating connection points with your list building so your new leads can become raving fans and paying customers.

“This is an often overlooked area with your list building,” Jennie says. “People say it’s ‘going the extra mile’ but it isn’t really. It’s treating others as humans you want to connect with and help.”

Key takeaways of this podcast include:

  • How to connect to your ideal client during your list building
  • How to engage them so they become raving fans, and
  • How to convert them to buying your program product or service

Jennie Wright is an online marketing strategist, list builder and lead generation expert.  She’s also the creator of list building 2.0, her own successful system of building your list through attraction and permission marketing.

Leveraging over 15 years of marketing, communications and branding experience for her clients, Jennie firmly believes that if you live your life with passion and transparency, you will create life-long success.