A great initial idea is only the beginning of business.

After that, it’s about adaptability in an ever-changing market place.

Many a successful business has sunk after years in the industry because they were too set in their ways to embrace mobility, or too seized by fear to look to alternatives. Alternatives could be about adapting products or services, or just adapting methods. Often, the smallest changes deliver the greatest outcomes.

Take the time to look about; to see what might be on the horizon and change tack accordingly.
It’s about “bravery and growth” or being willing to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and take a calculated risk.

Try these steps to identify what is happening around you:
• Check current performance and compare it to past performance
• Is it the same; is it not as good; is it better?
• What steps will bring the performance in line with your expectations?
• Take Action

If you are uncertain about the way forward, ask for advice. You might ask a friend or seek out a person skilled in discovering alternatives.