There are three things that underpin every successful business: Your vision, your mission and your values. But when your vision doesn’t align with the business strategy it’s a recipe for internal conflict and stress.

In this video, we look at how to ensure your business aligns with your vision, including:

  • How conflicts between personal values and business goals can lead to stress
  • Why understanding and aligning your mission, vision, and values, allows you to enjoy a more fulfilling and successful business experience
  • How to define your vision, mission and values and ensure your business aligns with each

Identifying the Disconnect

Many individuals venture into business driven by the lucrative opportunities it presents. However, over time, they often find themselves stressed, sometimes to the extent of affecting their health. 

Often the root cause of this distress lies in a misalignment between their business operations and personal values or vision.

Three Pillars of a Successful Business

Every thriving business stands firm on three fundamental pillars: mission, vision, and values.

Mission: Understanding your mission simplifies the daily operations of your business. It becomes the guiding star for all activities and decisions.

Vision: Your vision provides a goal, a future state to strive for. It motivates and drives you to go beyond the routine, attracting like-minded individuals who resonate with that ambition.

Values: The alignment of your business with your core values is crucial. A misalignment can lead to significant stress, as your values are the internal compass guiding all that you do.

Steps to Align Your Vision and Strategy

To achieve an alignment between your personal vision and business strategy:

  • List your personal Goals: Start by detailing what you want to achieve personally. What are your aspirations, dreams, and inclinations?
  • List your business goals: Next, list out what your business aims to accomplish. Consider its mission, products, services, and target market. 
  • Expand and compare: Expand on both lists to gain a comprehensive view. Look for any conflicts that may exist between your personal and business goals.
  • Resolve the conflict: If conflicts are found, determine which aspects need adjustment. More often than not, it involves changing business practices to better align with personal goals. This realignment can significantly reduce stress and enhance overall satisfaction.

Benefits of Alignment

Aligning your personal vision with your business strategy yields multiple benefits, such as:

  • A fulfilling and happier work environment
  • Improved productivity and innovation
  • Clients and partners who share similar values
  • Reduced stress and improved overall well-being

By proactively addressing and resolving any conflicts between personal desires and business demands, you can achieve a more harmonious and rewarding professional life. 

This alignment not only benefits the individual but also creates a more positive and inviting atmosphere for clients and colleagues alike.


  • [00:17] Aligning Personal Vision with Business Strategy
  • [01:10] Understanding Mission, Vision, and Values
  • [02:03] The Importance of Values in Business
  • [02:44] Creating and Expanding Your Business List
  • [03:15] Resolving Conflicts Between Personal and Business Goals
  • [03:59] Achieving a Harmonious Business Life


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