As the founder of 99aupairs, Irene Becker has created an award-winnng successful solution for busy families based on her own personal experience of juggling family and the work-life balance.

In this Business Conversations Podcast, Irene and I discuss:

  1. How she came to start 99aupairs
  2. The evolution of 99aupairs, including its growth in unexpected areas and how that changed the business strategy
  3. Coping with the day-to-day running of business

Irene Becker, is a full-time working mum of two wonderful children, a wife, full-time corporate professional, and a multi-award-winning female entrepreneur.

In 2017,she started – a start-up that’s recognised among Anthill’s Top 100 Cool Companies and Australia’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders.

Her philosophies and values encapsulate the importance of family togetherness, financial freedom, self-fulfillment and pursuing passion, and she notes the journey of an entrepreneur is a journey of self-growth.