In one way or another, businesses and organisations rely on their reputation and stories for success. PR is all about building those reputations and managing those stories with the media. PR cues help share our story with the media.

Consistent and positive media attention has the power to transform your business or brand. By keeping the press informed about your products and services, the media can help raise your authority, build relationships with key audiences, and take your business to the next level.

Media and PR are all about building relationships with the media and it takes time. As a Marketing and PR Strategist, I highly recommend building your PR strategy over time and making it an ongoing part of your business. 

In this episode, we look at 3 simple PR cues to help you share your story with the media.

Make sure you know your key dates

Knowing the key dates that are relevant to your business is essential for building your PR strategy throughout the year. These could be holidays like Valentine’s, Easter, and Christmas or business events that might give you an opportunity to share your story with the media. 

Go through the calendar and take a look at those key dates. Also, take note of key dates for your business like when you’re launching a new product or service when you’re organizing an event, when you’ve donated to charity, or when you have people joining or volunteering in local organisations. These are really good opportunities to share a story with the media.

Seek out relevant statistics

Statistics are important. They help businesses make informed decisions and establish authority.

Make sure you have related copies of statistics, key facts, and key indicators that will actually back up your press release and your PR campaign. Having a bank of statistics makes it easier to write your release and makes your story more valuable to the media.

Have a database of media contacts

Do you have a database of media contacts? If not, then it’s time for you to network.

One of the easiest ways for you to do that is to start searching on Twitter or LinkedIn and connect with the journalists. Start to look at their bylines and get their email addresses as a way for you to contact them. 

Also, find out which media outlets you want to be seen in. Start writing your press releases using their style guides and submit your material to see if it’s something that would be an interest to them. Always do your research.

These are just a few PR tips to help you work with the media. As PR pros, we’re constantly looking to better understand and accommodate the media — and well-written fresh material certainly can help. 

If you would like more tips on working with the media, you can grab a copy of my PR Cues deck, My Book of PR Tips, join me for How to Create an Available for Interview Profile to Pitch to the Media, or delve into my other PR courses and get more inspiration to find newsworthy stories and craft creative pitches that land great coverage with the media. 


[0:05] PR and media tips from the PR Cues deck
[0:15] Media and PR are all about building relationships
[0:30] Make PR an ongoing strategy for your business
[0:45] PR Tip 1 – Know your key dates
[1:20] PR Tip 2 – Seek out statistics
[1:35] PR Tip 3 – Have a database of media contacts
[2:10] For more tips, grab a copy of the PR Cues deck


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