5-Minute Marketing is about making marketing a part of your day and using 5-minute time blocks to help you gain consistency and marketing momentum.


  • You might not finish what you start BUT you will have a foundation to work on
  • Not all ideas will be brilliant, but writing them down allows you to identify the gems
  • Look for 5 minute windows in your day
  • Stick to 5 minutes. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Keep your expectations real – this is 5 minutes of inspiration.
  • Small steps add up
[0:10] What is 5-Minute Marketing?
[0:44] Little snippets of your day that you can use to market your business.
[1:06] 5-Minute Marketing add up and build momentum
[1:11] What 5-Minute Marketing is not
[1:26] 5-Minute Marketing is for small business owners.
[1:53] Ways to find 5 minutes within your day
[2:21] Using your time a little bit better
[2:50] 5-Minute Marketing Ideas Deck
[3:00] Three 5-Minute Marketing activities from the deck
[3:10] How to use the cards
[3:25] Card #1 – See what your competitors are doing
[4:01] Card #2 – Check your profiles
[4:45] Card #3 – Repurpose your live video
[5:15] Summary of what 5-Minute Marketing is
[5:23] How to get the 5-Minute Marketing Deck

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