Business is all about revenue and knowing exactly what is needed to be hit, and when it is needed, is critical to the success of the business and when it comes to sales there is a ratio of numbers every business owner needs to know. 

The number of Contacts to Sales and the number of Sales for Revenue needed.

All businesses need sales revenue to survive which means sales cannot be a dirty word when it comes to business.

Sales generate the revenue we need to employ more staff, pay wages, and invest in further expansion.

The ratio of contacts to sales is extremely important to know when it comes to making sales to generate that revenue.

For example, if it takes 12 contacts to make a sale, and there are 100 customers in the base, then it takes 1,200 contacts to make 100 sales.

In this episode of Business Wisdom, we look at the numbers you need to know in sales, the simple sums every business owner should regularly calculate in order to achieve the revenue they need.

So let’s dive in and explore the numbers you need to know when it comes to sales in your business.