At some stage, almost every small business has an issue with late payments, with outstanding accounts directly impacting the business bottom line.

In this Business Conversation, we tap into the expertise of debt recovery expert Anthony Igra, who offers his insight into how to manage late payments and nip them in the bud.

Anthony and I discuss:

  • How to balance the two hats of business owner and accountant, so you can confidently ask for payment without blurring the lines or losing the client
  • The systems required to avoid late payments in the first place
  • How to spot a ‘bad client’, when to move on, and when you should seek expert help

Anthony Igra is the managing director of Contractor’s Debt Recovery, a company that specialises in recovering money owed to contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry.

Every year Anthony and his team recover over $6 million in payments to help his hardworking clients, many of whom are small business owners.

Each week I’m joined by a new guest to dive into the many facets of business.