Kara is determined to educate businesses how to connect to their audience& staff with purpose and effect.

She educates her audience on how aligning what motivates business owners, businesses, and audiences makes sense online, offline, & financially.

An engaging speaker, Kara’s in depth understanding of psychology is married with her practical experience in Management & Business. Kara’s interest began in the workforce & is reinforced by industry research in psychology.

In this Business Conversation Kara and I explore:

  • What if business owners have staff?
  • How can understanding motivators help then?
  • How does this apply on Facebook?
  • Do business owners need to worry about different motivators for different online/social media platforms?

Kara is offering a free 30 minute, personalised investigation into what motivates the listener’s business & how to leverage that for growth: www.bookme.karalambert.com