In today’s global, intertwined economy, patent trolls are a threat to innovation, both now and in the future. In the US, trolls are known to track patent activity and take advantage of the slightest opportunity, and this is likely to increase in other markets.

In this Business Conversations podcast, Intellectual Property expert Ken Seddon discusses the strategies that many of the world’s top innovators in AI, cloud, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, electronics, and 5G are using to protect themselves from costly and unwanted patent troll litigation.

The three key areas discussed in this Business Conversations podcast include:

  • What is a patent assertion entity (PAE or “patent troll”)
  • How does a patent troll affect business both in Australia and around the world
  • How can a company protect its innovation from costly patent litigation

Ken Seddon is the CEO of LOT Network – an international community of the world’s leading high-tech companies committed to protecting its members from costly patent troll litigation.

LOT Network currently protects more than 600 members in 36 countries from litigation from over 2.3 million worldwide patents and counting. Network members include market leaders such as IBM, Toyota, Visa, Canon, Google, Tesla, Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and Salesforce, as well as innovative companies across industries.

Ken joined LOT in April of 2015, bringing over 20 years of experience managing all areas of intellectual property. Previously, Ken was with some of the largest patent holders in the world including Apple, Micron, Motorola, Intel and most recently as the Vice President of IP at ARM.