Seasonal marketing is an effective way to promote your business. This is the time you can do something special with your clients or customers like offer discounts and prizes. You can make it fun like World Coffee Day or informational during Tax Season.

Seasonal marketing content comes every season. And you will have to create content pieces that are specific to the season. The good news is that this content doesn’t have to be a one-time use. In this episode, we will talk about tips and strategies on how to make your seasonal content repurposable or evergreen, so that when the next Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s comes, you won’t have to start from scratch anymore.

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[0:00] Introduction
[0:20] Tips on how to make seasonal marketing like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s evergreen or repurposable
[0:54] When seasonal marketing comes around?
[1:10] Go through a calendar and search for key dates
[1:30] Add theme-based marketing
[1:37] How to write seasonal content that can be reused
[2:25] Writing blogs that are seasonal
[3:00] Examples of seasonal content
[3:20] How to make seasonal content evergreen?
[3:40] Updating seasonal content when applicable like stats
[4:05] Join the Marketing Circle for more marketing tips

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