Every business needs a backup plan, but how do you prepare for the worst? Award winning author and international speaker Dr KAZ hosts ‘disaster parties’, working with businesses large and small to consider and prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Fun, engaging and team-oriented, disaster parties encourage leaders and staff to work through the thinking that’s needed to handle obstacles in business.

In this Business Conversations Podcast, Dr KAZ and I discuss:

  • The importance of disaster planning
  • What a disaster party is and why it’s so effective
  • The components of a disaster party and how it engages participants
  • How to host a disaster party live or virtually to protect and grow your business.

Dr KAZ, is an award-winning international speaker, executive coach, author and brain trainer, who has worked with Fortune 100 companies, international associations, three Olympic teams and 34 Olympians.

KAZ works with movers and shakers and impact makers on getting unstuck and teaching how to live in “Competitive Balance” – where intensity meets inner peace and momentum explodes.