Reviews are important to all of us in business, especially in the world of Social Proof. Today customers want to make sure they make the right purchasing decision by learning about other people’s experiences with the same brand, product or service.

Your customers’ reviews can convince other potential customers to purchase your products or services because they trust real people’s opinions about businesses.

In this episode of Ask Linda, I am sharing with you tips on how to ask for reviews from your customers and how to use them in your marketing to further grow your business.


Give your customers a prompt to review your business

The world is busy, our lives are busy, and sometimes people forget that they’ve experienced really good service. Asking for reviews needs to become a part of your marketing process. Simply put a post on Facebook, Google My Business or LinkedIn asking for a review or recommendation from your customers. 

Schedule asking for reviews as part of your social media marketing

Look at the marketing opportunities you have within your business by using your social media scheduler like MeetEdgar to pop that question on your social media platforms regularly. Put out a request that says, if you’ve worked with us recently and you love what we do, please leave us a review. 

Send in a card with your product 

If you sell actual products, you might put a little nice card in there with the item that says if you like our products, please leave us a review. 

Follow up via email

You might also follow up by email a couple of days after they received their product and had time to use it. Make it a part of your email nurture sequence to send an email asking for a review from anyone who purchased your product online. 

Asking your customers to send their feedback is also great customer service, and it also helps people understand that you care.

Be generous in giving reviews to others too

The other thing about the world of reviews is we can’t expect reviews if we’re not giving them. Make sure that when you are getting good service, you are also leaving reviews on other business pages. If you’ve been somewhere and it was great, shout out about it. 

Use testimonials as part of your marketing campaigns

Use the testimonials you get and put them on social graphics and be creative with them. 

An example we did for the 5 Minute Marketing Ideas Deck is asking people to take a photo of a card they picked from the marketing deck and post it on social media with a testimonial or review. 

It’s a great social proof review. It also boosts our social media engagement by having someone else tag us and put us in front of their audience. 

Final takeaway

Reviews are not a scary thing to ask. They are great to ask for, so make sure you ask for them regularly in your business. You’re giving customers the reminder that their review helps you build your social proof. Reviews are key to your marketing and it’s essential that you start making them part of your marketing strategy. 


[0:10] We need reviews in the world of business
[0:20] Tips to help you ask for reviews
[0:30] Customers need the prompt to give you a review
[1:10] Using social media scheduler like MeetEdgar to ask for reviews
[1:54] Asking for a review with the actual product 
[2:00] Follow up via email after getting their product
[2:30] Also leave reviews for others when you get good service
[2:45] Using social graphics to show testimonials
[2:55] Using the 5 Minute Marketing cards to ask for reviews
[3:25] Reviews are great to ask for your business
[3:34] Reviews help you build your social proof
[3:40] Reviews can be turned into content to grow your business
[3:55] Include reviews in your marketing process starting today
[4:01] Thank you for joining this episode of Ask Linda

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