A well-known EdTech entrepreneur, who builds courses for elementary school children, recently shared a bit of feedback he received when talking to his students – while online courses and videos are great, they still preferred textbooks!

The crux of the problem was that while they’re able to easily find information inside textbooks by just flipping pages, there’s nothing equivalent for course videos.

Omnisearch’s mission is to solve this for good and make videos as easily searchable as plain text. Succinctly speaking, it enables students to type in a word or phrase and find exact seconds within course materials where the words or phrases appear.

Educators all over the world are using Omnisearch to enable “non-linear learning” for their students and increase their satisfaction. In this session, Marin Smiljanic, the co-founder and CEO of Omnisearch will talk about Omnisearch’s origins, his passion for education, and how course creators are using it today.


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