We love superpowers here at the Course Creators Circle and that is why we are a little excited to help you PowerUp your Thinkific site with new superpowers with Rob Galvin.

Rob is a fellow Thinkific Expert with Linda and he has some superpowers he is going to share with us on how you can do more on your Thinkific site.

What in the world is a “PowerUp”

A PowerUp is a collection of new Site Builder sections that will give you new designs, features and abilities.

What do I need to use Thinkific Powerups?

You must be on a current “Site Builder” theme and have an active paying subscription with Thinkific.

Do I need any technical skills to use Thinkific Powerups?

Nope. These PowerUps are created especially for those who are not technical. All settings are exposed via Site Builder.