Many of you will know the feeling of being overwhelmed by emails and your inbox, so as I was cleaning up my in box today I thought I would share some email tips with you.
Today I am unsubscribing, deleting, creating rules and more to deal with my inbox it allows me to think clearer and deal with the pressure that emails can create on my day.
Read it, Flag it, Delete it:
It is that simple the email can be read and responded to, flagged for follow up or deleted. Apply this approach and you will save time
Don’t leave your email open
Leaving your email open only leaves you open to distraction, hide it or minimise it in your toolbar and check once an hour.
Folders are your friend
Create folders and rules that sort your emails as they come in it allow you to filter your emails and prioritise into reading and response groups. The same rules of Read it, Flag it, Delete it apply
Unsubscribe from unwanted/unread emails
Emails that we don’t read just clog up our inbox, and distract us from what we need t do for the day. Unsubscribe and delete it!
Flag and Categorise
There are times that we can’t respond to an email when we read it. Flag it or categorise it to follow up then make time once a week to clear the flags.
These tips allow me to run with a clear head I would love to hear what strategies you use for email management? Why not leave me a comment.