There’s no doubt mobile technology has been one of the biggest contributors to business growth in recent times. But at what cost?

In a world where boundaries between work life and home life have become blurred and 24/7 contact has become a standard service expectation, it is easy to see why stress and mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in the business community.

In this Business Conversation, Blue Bean Media founder Karen Moloney shares her insight into how to tread the fine line between tuning in as a business leader and switching off when you should.

Karen and I discuss:

  • Why the technology that was invented to help us grow our businesses is now the biggest cause of our stress and disconnection from family and friends
  • Karen’s personal experience of stress and burnout first business and what she did to ensure history didn’t repeat.
  • Tips on how to start disconnecting in order to become more productive while improving your personal and business life

Karen Moloney loves simplifying the complex. She has spent her 30-year career helping people understand how to use technology to automate tasks, improve efficiency and grow their business.

Karen has worked with companies large and small across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, UK and Europe and has been an award-winning business owner since 2007.

She became a mum in 2010 and has been juggling work and life ever since!

A self-confessed geek, Karen loves all things technology and started Blue Bean Media, to help service-based business owners “get digital marketing done” so they can accelerate growth and spend more time doing what they love.